I KNOW sleep. I've been doing it all my life. And the best part of sleep is the dreaming you do there. Those last few hours before I must wake up - my REM sleep - I am the most creative I will ever be. Back-to-back movies, wilder and more imaginative than anything at my multiplex, and it's all for free. So, this is a collection of some of my greatest hits - reoccurring fantasies and nightmares that have followed me through the years. All I have to do is close my eyes. Get up early? Just let me sleep another couple of hours. - Kevin Ward
The Dream of flying
The Dream of being chased by a witch
The Dream of knowing a celebrity very well
The Dream of sleeping with a good friend
The Dream of being naked on stage
frozen The Dream of not being able to move
teeth The Dream of losing your teeth
underwater The Dream of breathing under water
classroom The Dream of not having studied for the test
falling The Dream of falling
bathroom The Dream of not being able to find a bathroom
halloween The Dream of hiding from a demon
search The Dream of finding buried treasure
space The Dream of finding new rooms you didn't know you had
baby The Dream of taking care of the baby